Jersey Overseas Aid launches 2024 volunteering projects

08 November 2023
On Tuesday 7th November, we launched our 2024 volunteering projects. To find out more about how you can get involved, read on.

2023 saw a record number of applicants and Islanders who are interested in joining one of our hugely rewarding volunteering projects in 2024. Please visit the volunteering page on our website for more information. The deadline for applications is Friday 15th December.

“We are delighted to have been able to announce a full 2024 programme of overseas volunteering opportunities to Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda and Nepal – and due to high demand, we have increased the number of projects from three in 2023 to four,” said Deputy Carolyn Labey, Jersey’s Minister for International Development. “We are incredibly proud of our volunteering programme and were thrilled that last year so many Islanders showed an interest in international development and were willing to give their time and their skills to benefit others.”

For more than 50 years Jersey residents, in collaboration with local charities and communities, have delivered projects that improve lives in some of the poorest countries in the world. The projects are designed with both sustainability in mind and in a way that sees volunteers offer real value. Jersey volunteers have helped to bring clean water to those without and built classrooms and clinics where there have been none.

For many it is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, bringing with it a sense of achievement, life-long friendships and extraordinary memories as well as being an extraordinary personal development opportunity. JOA’s volunteer programme serves to raise awareness in Jersey of global development issues and many projects have led to lasting links with communities all over the world, and where several local charities were born from the experience of volunteering abroad.

The projects require no prior experience, and achieve realistic and need-orientated goals. Volunteers will have the opportunity to understand more about International Development and most importantly, about responsible volunteering.  The selection and preparation of the teams ensures they can deliver volunteering that is impactful, in an equal partnership with the local community, ensuring sustainable improvements for poor and marginalised people.

The 2024 projects:

Nepal, April 2024. Gurkha Welfare Trust UK (14 places)

With support from local project partners, the JOA CWP volunteers will assist in the construction of a new secondary school in rural Chitwan. It will be hard work, but there is a job to suit every ability. Participation on this project will enable volunteers to work with an iconic organisation, learn about beneficiaries’ daily lives and the central role community plays in an ever-changing social landscape.

Rwanda, May & July/August (in alignment with Jersey school holidays). Hands Around the World Jersey (seven teachers per trip)

This project, in partnership with Jersey Education, enables skilled professionals to work alongside Rwandan teachers in a one-to-one approach.  In addition to classroom-based team-teaching, volunteers will work with local partners to deliver workshops to school staff, focusing on teaching methodologies, working together with the Rwandan school syllabus#, exchanging knowledge, skills and experience.

Kenya, June. Sand Dams worldwide (14 places)

This project is led by Sand Dams Worldwide and their local partner, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF). The project will support a subsistence farming community in Ukambani (a region of South East Kenya, comprising Machakos, Makueni and Kitui Counties) to build a sand dam to provide a reliable, year-round water source.

Malawi, August. Habitat For Humanity (12 places)

Partnering with Habitat For Humanity, this Global Village programme in Malawi offers volunteers the opportunity to contribute directly to work on the ground as part of a wider project which will improve the living conditions of the 6,200 people living in Chatata informal settlement.

JOA is also excited to be developing further online volunteering opportunities in Accountancy and Health which it is hoped will launch in the Spring of 2024.

Visit our volunteering page

Bursaries - In addition to its volunteering programme, JOA also offers personal and professional bursaries – a number of funding opportunities for Jersey residents who want to gain experience in the development sector. For more information, please visit