Ukraine Response

Since the beginning of the Ukraine War, JOA has distributed funding raised through the Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal in addition to the Jersey Government's contribution.

Jersey has been a strong supporter of Ukraine. Since the Russian Invasion the Government and public have committed £3.5 million to humanitarian agencies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. A small amount but among the highest per capita in the world.

In neighbouring countries we have provided support for refugee reception centres in Poland, Slovakia and Moldova and supported much needed Mental Health and Psycho-social Support services for those fleeing the violence.

Inside Ukraine we have supplied thousands of trauma kits for medics, dozens of incubators for babies, hundreds of oxygen concentrators and many other essential items, all coordinated with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the United Nations and other partners. We were also one of the first donors to send Ukrainian women on training courses in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).


This video from FOU-EOD shows just how valuable Jersey's allocations have been, enabling many Ukrainian women to attend accredited bomb disposal courses.

Did you know?

£3.5 million

Total grants awarded since the war began


Number of Explosive Ordnance Disposal training courses delivered to Ukrainian nationals


Number of incubators procured and delivered into Ukraine


Number of medical trauma kits secured and delivered into Ukraine

The Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal is still ongoing. JOA does not accept donations – donations can be made through local charity, Side-By-Side at .

The dashboard below shows the latest figures on the amount raised and how it is being distributed.