Jersey Charities

Every year, JOA supports numerous projects run by local, Jersey-based charities in developing countries.

The charities JOA supports range in size from kitchen-table charities which focus on helping one or two particular communities abroad to a small number of large home-grown Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which operate in multiple countries.

In 2021 Jersey Charities received grants totalling £2.4m from JOA, making us one of the largest funders of domestic charities in the Channel Islands.

In addition to funding, we help Jersey-based charities build their capacity to operate more effectively. We provide training and support in key areas such as impact measurement, governance, decision-making and finance.

Jersey Charities Toolkit

Jersey Charities Guidelines
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Jersey Charities Application Form
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Jersey Charities Financial Health Check
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Risk Assessment Template
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Useful Templates Logical Framework, Results Matrix, Implementation Plan, Budget, Financial Report
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Jersey Charities Reporting Form
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Current Grants to Jersey Charities

List of Current Grants
Agency Programme Country Value Start End
JCG Foundation LEAP Global 2024 Jersey, India, Rwanda £55,600 2023 2024
RJAHS Amakuru ku nka z'umukamo - Dairy Data Project Rwanda £1,568,942 2023 2026
RJAHS Ongera Amata Rwanda £1,557,416 2023 2026
Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund Education provision at Joyceland Preparatory School in Rongo, Kenya Kenya £40,238 2023 2024
Hands Around the World Promoting access to educational opportunities for children and young people in Rusizi District, Rwanda Rwanda £529,917 2023 2025
Rotary Club of Jersey Community safe water and reversal of desertification with a Sand Dam Kenya £10,000 2023 2024
Durrell VALIHA - Resources for the wellbeing of people and nature to achieve development Madagascar £2,136,343 2023 2028
Jersey Gambia Schools Trust Teachers accommodation and perimeter fence Gambia £86,474 2022 2023
RJAHS Jersey Breed Focussed Dairy Development in Zambia Zambia £1,198,007 2022 2025
Friends of the Holy Land (Jersey) School of Joy Special Needs School Palestine £5,000 2022 2024
Bukit Lawang Trust Youth Led Sustainable Enterprise Program Indonesia £30,225 2022 2023
Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey Rural Water and Sanitation Projects (RWSP) 2021-2024 Nepal £299,841 2021 2024
RJAHS Development of RAB Songa Station, a Centre for Dairy Excellence Rwanda £1,059,478 2021 2023
RJAHS Malawi Dairy Growth (MDG) Project - Phase II Malawi £999,600 2021 2024
RJAHS Transforming Smallholder Dairy Farming in the ChaCha Area Ethiopia £996,132 2020 2024

Project in Focus: Supporting eco-cookstoves in Uganda


PARTNER: Rotary Club of Jersey

DURATION: Sept 2021-Aug 2022

The challenge

In recent decades, Uganda has experienced a high level of population growth, which has exerted pressure on existing resources, contributing to the degradation of forests and a scarcity of firewood. Over 80% of Ugandans cook over an open fire, which not only requires large quantities of firewood or charcoal, but also has serious health implications due to the daily exposure to smoke. In addition, the time women and girls must spend on firewood collection and cooking is an obstacle to gender equality.

What did we do?

The Rotary team installed eco cook-stoves in 40 schools across the Mubende district in central Uganda. These eco-cookstoves require 70% less firewood than traditional three-stone stoves, reducing the schools’ reliance on firewood and the subsequent environmental and financial strain involved in sourcing, transporting and purchasing firewood. In addition, the eco-cookstoves eliminate exposure to smoke.


The Rotary Club is mobilising locally trained community members to construct and maintain the eco-cookstoves to ensure that each community has the knowledge and skills to keep the eco-cookstoves operational. The eco-cookstoves are designed to be affordable and easy to maintain and are constructed from easily available local materials such as dried grass, soil, ash, sawdust, sweet potato leaves, water and cow dung.